What is Clean and Seal? 

Many people think of concrete as a highly durable material. While this is true, concrete is also a porous compound that is highly susceptible to staining and water damage which can eventually lead to structural and aesthetic problems. To prevent this, a concrete sealer is applied over the surface of the concrete. When applied correctly, this sealer creates an impenetrable barrier that shields concrete from surface damage, corrosion, freeze-thaw damage, and staining. Concrete sealers either block the pores in the concrete to reduce absorption of water and salts or form an impermeable layer which prevents such materials from passing.

Why Opt to Clean and Seal?

Stain Protection

Sealed concrete is resistant to a variety of stain causing materials and liquids.

Water Resistance

Sealed floors are nearly impervious to water which maintains the structural integrity of your floor.


Sealed concrete Is dust proof, clean and easier to clean. Sealing concrete prevents it from  dusting out 

Prevent Corrosion 

All sealers protect your concrete, which is reactive, from the corrosive power of industry and everyday life chemicals.


Sealed concrete is extremely environmentally friendly to both the natural environment and to the health of your customers and employees

Low Maintenance

After completion, floors can be cleaned simply with water and burnishing is unnecessary for long periods of time. 
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